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The Legacy Building Townhall series is focused on reconnecting creatives with local industry leaders

The Legacy Building Town hall is focused on reconnecting creatives with local industry leaders. All are welcome to attend. Each topic-specific town hall will be moderated by a group of local venue managers, gallery owners, music directors, journalists, or musicians. The conversation is open to artists and creators, who are encouraged to participate and express their opinions and perspectives. The Twin Cities has one of the most unique sound boards in the nation. During the Prince era, there was once a strong industry-level music scene here. Although the Minneapolis Sound has a rich history, young artists and creators frequently find it difficult to relate to what it once was, leaving them to dream of what it might one day be once more.

Session 1: Who’s in charge here? 

Focused on music venues, their booking teams and managers


Session 2: Why are we leaving?

With all that talent why do artists leave MN to find support elsewhere


Session 3: Do You See Me?

Connecting to TV and Print media


Session 4: Are You Listening?

Connecting to Radio

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