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Owners Emmanuel and Sarah Duncan, known together locally as hip hop duo iLLism, come from performing arts and visual media backgrounds and have served the Twin Cities creative community for the past 10 years. Emmanuel grew up in St. Paul's Frogtown, while Sarah grew up in Minneapolis' Southside, where they and their sons still live today.

Music and community are their passions. They have long been immersed in to the the Twin Cities creative scene. Offering not just their musical talents but also their expertise in music engineering, videography as well as graphic and web design services to other creators in the community.

They used to operate out of their home, but now have a dedicated location to work out of at The Legacy Building while also opening their doors to other creatives needing a workspace. The amenities include photo/video studios, recording studio, rehearsal room, and storefront

Their mission is to provide a safe space for artists to create, while offering free programs, networking events and artist workshops to support those artists and their endeavors.

The duo continues to provide paid services, but they've expanded their offerings to include rehearsal space rentals, pop-up stores, live music performances, and private events at reasonable costs.


The Legacy Building is truly a space for artistic creativity and collaboration.

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